Inspection Chambers

Green roofs should discharge water permanently. Therefore it has to be possible to check and clean the roof drain without too much effort. For this reason, inspection chambers have to be placed on each roof drain. The height of the chambers can be adjusted to the altitude of the installation height.

Applications: Sedumdirect Extensive Green Roof System

SD RS-8 Inspection Chamber

Rs -8-controleputInspection chamber with an insulated cap made of galvanised steel, for monitoring the working of the ND Drainage System on extensive and intensive green roofs. The inspection chamber is equipped with apertures for the ND Strip 150 Drainage System for use as a linear drainage system for single-layer extensive green roofs.


  • Material: galvinized steel
  • Height of chamber: approx. 80 mm
  • Dimensions (L x B x H): ca. 320 mm x 320 mm x 100 mm (incl. lid)
  • Packaging: per piece

SD RS-8 Accessoires:

  • ND RS-8-V10 Extension Element (extension of 100 mm)
  • ND RS-8-V20 Verhogingselement (extension of 200 mm)
  • ND RS-8-R Grid Lid


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SD RS-30 / ND RS-50 Inspection Chamber

ND RS-30The plastic ND RS-30 / ND RS-50 Inspection Chamber, which has a sealable cap, is installed inside vegetation areas on the roof drain to monitor the drainage layer in an intensive green roof construction.


  • Material: polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Height of chamber: approx. 300 mm / 50 mm
  • Dimensions base cover: (L x B x H): ca. 600 mm x 600 mm x 10 mm
  • Packaging: per piece


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